Alphaville @ Whisky a Go Go – Box Sets!

Limited Edition - Ultimate Collector's Item!


Alphaville @ Whisky a Go Go – Box Sets!

Alphaville First Complete Box Set- HD Blu Ray/DVD/CD & Photobook

Alphaville – Live at the Whisky a Go Go Box Set!
Alphaville Complete Box Set- HD Blu Ray/DVD/CD & Photobook
Recorded live in Hollywood Whisky A Go Go May 2018 on Marian's Birthday!
Only 2500 copies availalbe world wide

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Brilliant product! Excellent setlist, rocking versions of most songs, great performances well thought through execution of the box set, included books and other gimmicks. Great layout and design with attention to details. The love that went into this product if clearly obvious! Immediate responses to any shipping related problems, very helpful and caring. Totally recommended, you will not be disappointed!

–  Carsten L. From Germany

One of the best box sets ever! The sound and visual quality is amazing. Even if you are the smallest of Alphaville fans, you will appreciate the live version. If you are a die hard like me, then you will be close to tears as I became, watching and listening to the live versions I could have only dreamed of hearing. I would say it’s the greatest box set since Dreamscapes. The book inside is really well done with an incredible amount of information from the band, the fans, the history of AV and the Whiskey a GoGo. Money very well spent. I could go on and on and on ...

–  RJ Smulsky from Michigan

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Friday Night set list

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Fantastic Dream, Dance With Me, Song 4 No 1, Rendezvoyeur, Monkey In The Moon, Apollo, In The Mood, For a Million, Elegy, Flame, Danger in your Paradise, Universal Daddy, Ascension Day, Euphoria, Beyond The Laughing Sky, Summer In Berlin, State of Dreams, Red Rose, The Jet Set, Faith, Lies, Big in Japan, Lassie come Home.

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